Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

1. Objectives:

The objectives of the B.C.S. Degree programme shall be to:
(a)  Develop “Kingdom of God” values (with special reference to Justice, Peace and
Integrity of all Creation);
(b)  Create critical consciousness and openness, to analyze cultural, social, economic,
political and ecclesiastical values;
(c)  Provide tools for interpreting the Word of God in different contexts in society;
(d)  Enable persons to become effective witnesses in the context of their varied and
diversified vocations;
(e)  Provide theological education as a transforming influence in personal, ecclesial and
societal life.

2. Courses:

(a)  The programme will consist of a total of 20 courses with 13 required subjects and 7
optionals and thesis or two papers in lieu of thesis preferably in the area of professional
(b)  The following order of courses are recommended for study :
I Year – 1,3,5,8,9
II Year – 2,4,6,7,14
III Year – 10,11,12,13 and 1 optional from 23
IV Year – Remaining 5 Courses and Thesis
or 2 papers in lieu of Thesis
(c)  A candidate who has passed the B.Th. Degree of Serampore College (University) in
Second Class shall be required to pass 12 courses and Thesis or 2 courses in lieu of

Thesis :

Course Nos.
10 Required – 2, 15, 4, 16, 10, 13, 8, 14, 9, 21 or 22
2 Optional Courses & Thesis or two papers in lieu of Thesis other than those already
completed :

A. Required Courses: (Compulsory 13)

1. Understanding the Old Testament (content, history, critical study of texts)
2. Re-reading of Selected Old Testament texts from Liberation Perspectives.
3. Understanding the New Testament (content, history, critical study of books)
4. Jesus as presented in the Gospels with the study of selected texts
5. Understanding Christian Faith
6. Introduction to Christian Ethics
7. History of Christianity in India
8. (a) Study of Christian Denominations in Indian (History, Theology, variations and distinctive characteristics)
(b) Selected Events in the History of Christianity with emphasis on Ecumenical Movement
9. Outlines of Major Religions and traditions in India
10. Christian responses to Multi-faith society
11. Introduction to Christian Ministry
12. Introduction to Communication
13. Christological Issues – Classical and Contemporary

B. Optional Courses (Choose 7 courses Including No.14 and any one of No.23)

14. Contemporary Missiological issues (compulsory optional)
15. (a) Re-reading of Selected Texts from the Book of Psalms
(b) Re-reading of Selected Texts from Wisdom Literature
16. (a) Re-reading of the Gospel of John
(b) Re-reading of the Letters of St. Paul
17. Contextual Theologies – Liberation, Dalit, Feminist, Black, Mingjung etc.

18. One of No. 8 not chosen
19. Modern Religious and Secular Movements in India
20. Christian Education and Social Change
21. Introduction to Counselling
22. Communication Ethics
23. Professional Issues in Christian perspectives : (choose one)
(a) Medical – Healing Ministry
(b) Labour and Industrial
(c) Social work
(d) Teaching
(e) Technology
(f) Legal
(g) Professional Ethics
(h) Any other
24. Christian perspectives on Contemporary Issues : (choose one)
(a) Ecology
(b) Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
(c) Human rights
(d) Women in Church and Society
(e) Globalization
(f) Communalism and Fundamentalism
25. Understanding Social Analysis
26. Language Study and Other Requirements :

Candidate desiring to register for the M. Th. course shall be required to pass additional courses at the B.D. level (not including Preliminary) and have work experience as required by the M.Th. Regulations for each branch of study. All such papers shall be Senate examined.

3. Thesis :

A candidate may be permitted to write a thesis after completion of the required courses (13). He/she should submit the thesis proposal on a prescribed form by 15th April preceding the year of the third year examination to the Registrar for approval by the Committee for Academic Administration. The following conditions are to be observed regarding submission of a thesis :
(a) The thesis should be written in English/Regional Language approved by the Senate.
(b) A candidate shall submit his/her thesis proposal along with the name of the advisor
by 15th April to the Registrar for approval by the Committee on Academic Administration. A candidate shall be     expected to identify the resources and submit along with the title.
(c) The thesis must be typewritten on paper of uniform size (preferably 8.5″ x 11″) and
bound in stiff covers.
(d) Three copies of the thesis must be submitted not later than Oct. 15 of the fourth year in which a candidate appears for his/her final Course Examination.
(e) The thesis must be written in accordance with the guidelines given and published bythe Senate.
(f) The length of the thesis shall be not less than 10,000 words and not more than 12,000 words.
(g) The thesis submitted for examination shall remain the property of the Senate.
(h) A candidate may be permitted to write 2 papers in lieu of thesis.
(h) The thesis will be evaluated for 200 marks.
The candidate is expected to follow the research manuals prescribed below :
“A Manual for writers of Term paper, Thesis and Dissertations’ Kate L. Turabian
“A Manual for Researches and Writers’ – Hunter P. Mabry — Rs. 100/-” (Senate publication)”

4. Affiliated Colleges offering the B.C.S. Degree Course :

(a) The affiliated colleges permitted to offer the B.C.S. course will offer the following as college examined papers :
Courses – 8 papers + Thesis (All college examined)
R/1 – Understanding O.T.
R/3 – Understanding N.T.
O/17 – Contextual Theologies
R/9 – Outlines of Major Religions

Any 4 Optionals
O/14 – Contemporary Missiological Issues
O/15 – (a) Selected Texts from the Book of Psalms
(b) Selected Texts from the Wisdom Literature
O/16 – (a) Re-reading of the Gospel of St. John
(b) Re-reading of the letters of St. Paul
O/20 – Christian Education and Social Change
O/23 – Professional Issues in Christian Perspective (any one)
(a) Medical
(b) Labour and Industrial
(c) Social Work
(d) Teaching
(e) Technology
(f) Legal
(g) Professional Ethics
(h) Any other
O/25 – Understanding Social Analysis

(b) (i) The B.Th. upgraders to the B.C.S. Degree through an affiliated college shall write the following 12 courses          and a thesis (or 2 papers in lieu of thesis) :

Registration for : Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

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